Sunday, August 4, 2013

Federal Reserve Plaza

The plaza is located on the Southwest corner of East Fifth and Main Streets next to the Federal Reserve building.  The plaza is not open to the public but the sculptures in the plaza area can be seen from the sidewalk.

The untitled water sculpture was created in 1972 by Oliver Andrews.  It contains two stainless steel pieces and is described as:
"The tall piece symbolizes man's relationship to nature with its organic grace and gentle cascade. The shorter prismatic piece with its sharp angles and more powerful cascade represents man's relationship to his work and his growth through forceful effort."

The second piece is located in a garden and is titled, “Latitude and Longitude”.  It was created in 1995 by Rebecca Seeman and is described as:
"In a raised flowerbed of the plaza stand two companion pieces. They are like lines of a drawing in space, and their forms are reminiscent of armillary spheres, instruments once used to display the relationships of celestial bodies."