Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gambrinus Stock Brewing Company

The brewery began in 1832 as the Jonte and Billiods Brewery owned by Peter Jonte and his cousin Friedrich Billiod.  In 1835, Friedrich left and started his own brewery, the Lafayette Brewery and this brewery became the Peter Jonte Brewery.  In 1855 Peter Jonte sold the brewery to Christian Boss and David Ray becoming the Boss and Ray Brewery.  In 1858 Christian Boss buys the brewery and changes the name to the Christian Boss Brewery.  By 1876 the brewery changes its name to the Gambrinus Stock Brewing Company.  The brewery is named for the mythical god of beer, Gambrinus and it was the first brewery in Cincinnati to bottle its own beer.  As a result of prohibition, the brewery closed its doors in 1919 and never reopened.  .  After the repeal of prohibition, the Vienna Brewing Company opened in the former Gambrinus Stock Brewing Company building in 1933, but by 1940 the brewery closed.

The brewery was located at Abigail Street (now 12th Street) and Sycamore.  The main brewery buildings were torn down in 1980 but the brewery stables built in 1870 at 310 Reading Road and the Christian Boss home at 1324 Broadway Street still stand today.