Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hudepohl Brewing Company

The brewery began in 1885 when Ludwig Hudepohl II and George Kotte purchased the Koehler Brewery, which was called the Buckeye Brewery.  When George Kotte died in 1893 his widow became a partner in the brewing operations and when she passed in 1900, Ludwig Hudepohl II became the sole owner and changed the name to the Hudepohl Brewing Company.  In 1920 Ludwig Hudepohl II passes away.  His widow and son-in-law, William Pohl assumed operation of the brewery.  At the start of prohibition, the brewery attempts to stay in business by producing soft drinks and near beer.

After the repeal of prohibition brewing starts once again and in 1934, Hudepohl purchases the Lackman Brewery.  In 1947 Hudepohl renovates the Lackman Brewery on 6th Street and moves its brewing operations to that location in 1958.  By 1967, Hudepohl builds a modern brewery on West 6th Street and closes its plant on East Clifton Avenue.

When Burger closes in 1973, Hudepohl purchases the brewery and continues to brew many of the popular Burger brands.  In 1986 Hudepohl and Schoenling merge to form the Hudepohl-Schoenling Company.  By 1999 Hudepohl is sold to a group of investors and by 2001 brewing of Hudepohl brand names cease.  In 2004, the new Christian Moerlein Brewery purchases the Hudepohl brand and the brewing of the many popular Hudepohl beers begins once again.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kauffman Brewery

John Kauffman got his start in 1844 working at his uncle’s Franklin Brewery on Lebanon Pike (now Reading Road).  The brewery moved to Vine Street in 1845 when it became the Vine Street Brewery.  The brewery expands its operations and construction began in 1859 and the name of the brewery is changed to Kauffman and Company.  In 1882 the brewery is incorporated and the name is changed to the John Kauffman Brewing Company.  The brewery operates under this name until it closes due to Prohibition.  At its peak, the Kauffman Brewery was the fourth largest in Cincinnati and imported beer all across the country.

The Kauffman Brewery building is still standing at 1622 Vine Street and is now known as the Guildhaus apartments.  Underneath the building is a lagering tunnel that stretches to what is now the new Christian Moerlein Brewery.